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Alternative Medicine

Awaken The Healer Within

Homeopathy is an advanced, effective and gentle system of holistic approach to health care that has been successfully used for over two hundred years and on every continent.

Alternative Medicine

Homeopathy Can Help


Homeopathic Care Center & School of Homeopathy is here to help you awaken the healing that naturally resides within you. Whether you are dealing with an ailment or are seeking to improve your health, homeopathy can help you reach your ideal health in a holistic process.


What is Homeopathy?


Homeopathy is an advanced, effective and gentle system of holistic approach to health care. Homeopathy has been used throughout the world for over two hundred years. When you think of health care, you may think of taking drugs to treat ailments. Our society often relies on external resources to treat internal problems. Homeopathy is different.


The basis of homeopathy is to bring out and stimulate the body’s advanced and highly capable abilities to cure itself. Using a small amount of natural substances, homeopathy stimulates the body’s natural immune system and healing processes. You may know homeopathy under different names, such as alternative medicine or holistic health care.


What conditions does homeopathy treat?


Homeopathy is able to treat a wide variety of conditions. There are common conditions like allergies and migraines that can be treated with homeopathy. If you suffer fatigue or throat infections, you may want to utilize homeopathy to naturally treat these ailments.


Homeopathy can also treat digestive issues. This includes conditions from bloating to ulcers. You may have cold sores or acid reflux. If so, homeopathy is a natural method to treat the conditions without relying on external resources like drugs.


Cardiovascular issues can also be treated with homeopathy. Whether you suffer from heart palpitations or varicose veins or even leg heaviness; homeopathy treats all of these conditions.


If you have bladder pain or suffer from urinary tract infections, these urological issues can be cured by your body’s natural defenses when stimulated with homeopathy.


Gynecological issues can include low libido and menopause. Rather than tolerating these conditions, utilize homeopathy and our holistic health care solutions to naturally treat them.


You may have skin issues that you want to treat without relying on chemicals or drugs. For these dermatological issues, utilize homeopathy and let your body naturally treat conditions like rashes, itching skin, and warts.


You may suffer neurological issues like headaches and migraines or behavioral and psychiatric conditions like anxiety and stress. Improve your concentration or improve your emotional health via natural means. Homeopathy can improve your body’s balance and naturally realign your mind to deal with fatigue or stress that comes up in everyday life.


Why should I use Homeopathic Care Center & School of Homeopathy over other health care resources?


With Homeopathic Care Center & School of Homeopathy, you can expect expert care by a homeopath with over 30 years of experience. Rosana Domingues practiced homeopathy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil before coming to Columbus, Ohio. Rosana will work with you to figure out the root of your ailments on a physical, mental and emotional nature. This individualized care utilizes an in-depth interview process focused on you and your ailments. That way, she can choose remedies that perfectly align with you and your specific condition.


While Rosana is an expert homeopath, she also can provide nutritional counseling and suggestions on lifestyle modifications.

I don’t know anything about Homeopathy. Can I learn more about it?


Absolutely, Rosana has decades of knowledge that she distills into digestible classes and lectures. You are encouraged to listen to these so you can engage even more in your healing process. Rosana strives to act as a guide for you, utilizing homeopathic remedies as facilitators and you are the ultimate healer for your own conditions.


How do I know that holistic health care solutions are safe to use?


Homeopathic remedies are substances that are diluted and potentized by homeopathic pharmacies. They are prepared under strict guidelines established by the FDA. They are safe, gentle, affordable and used to improve your overall health.

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